Garden Zip Wire Kit

Are you looking for a Zip Wire for your garden? Our junior Zip Wires will give children hours of fun and healthy outdoor exercise. What could be more exhilarating as a child than flying through the air on a Zip Wire. The Zip Wire than we feature on our site is a heavy duty Zip Wire that is built to last. It can be purchased with or without a seat. Although we do recommend having a seat for younger riders. If you wish to have a seat, just add the Monkey Seat into your cart when you check out.

Blue Rabbit Zip Wire                Monkey Swing for ZIP Wire Para

Garden Zip Wire for Children

Our Zip Wire is injection moulded and manufactured using the highest quality steel fittings and safety cable tensioning device. The handles are specially designed so they have anti – slip grip handles. The garden Zip Wire, is intended for domestic use only and is supplied with 30 metres of cable. It is recommended that it is used by children over 6 years, with a maximum user weight of 80kg.

Green Zip Wire                                Green Zip Wire Kit

Installing a Zip Wire in Your Garden

All the instructions you need to install your zip wire are included. Under no circumstances should a Zip Wire be installed over concrete, asphalt or any other hard surface. To be able to install a Zip Wire in your garden you will need two trees or two similar supports or posts in the garden, that are capable of supporting a weight of 300kg. We recommend that your Zip Wire is installed on level ground and there is free space either side of the Zip Wire. When installing your zip wire please read the instructions carefully, to ensure you have the correct tensions. We can not be held liable for any accidents that occur as a result of the installation of the Zip Wire. We encourage you to carry out a full safety check and risk assessment of the Zip Wire before letting children play on it.  Please also make sure you regularly check the tension of the cable and alter it if required.

 Garden Zip Wire Questions

If you have any questions about our garden Zip Wire kit please feel free to contact us. We are in the office Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.

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