Garden Zip Wire FAQ’s

Zip Wires are great garden entertainment for children and can bring the park into your back garden. A Zip Wire is ideal to encourage children to play outside instead of staying in and watching TV. If you are thinking of installing a Zip Wire in your back garden for your children the below common questions may help. If you have any further questions then please feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

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Can I have a Zip Wire in my Garden
Yes as long as you have enough space. Just make sure that you have space at either end of the Zip Wire and to the side of the Zip Wire. We recommend that the Zip Wire is installed on flat level ground and never over concrete or any other hard surface.

How is the Zip Wire Attached?
To attach a Zip Wire you need two anchor points that are capable of supporting 300kg. This can be two trees or two posts. If you use two trees just make sure you have a clear line of sight between the two trees. It is also possible to use one tree and a support pillar the other end. You may also wish to build a platform.

Does it come with a Seat?
Our garden Zip Wire Kit does not come with a swing as standard. However, we sell a Monkey Seat that is compatible with the Zip Wire and will make it easier for younger users to use the Zip Wire.

Do you need a specialist to install a Zip Wire?
No our garden Zip Wire Kits are designed for the DIY market so are designed for self installation. All the instructions are provided.

Can I Install the Zip Wire in a Playground or Park?
No our Zip Wire kits are designed and tested for domestic use only.

How Long is the Zip Wire Cable
The cable is 30 metres long.

Is a Zip Wire Safe to Use?
The answer is yes as long as you install it according to the manufacturers instructions. You will be provided will full instructions in your Zip Wire Kit please just follow them. The Zip Wire Kit itself has been fully tested and approved according to the latest European directives and regulations.

Can Adults Use the Zip Wire
No the Zip Wire Kit is designed to be used by children ages 6 and upwards and has a maximum user weight of 80kg. We recommend that the Zip Wire is used under adult supervision.

Zip Wire Delivery

We aim to dispatch your Zip Wire as soon as possible so, you should receive your Zip Wire within 48 hours of placing your order. Please note this applies to orders placed on working days. Any orders placed over the weekend or Bank Holidays will be dealt with the next working day.


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